Course Grammar 2A deals with English grammar at intermediate level.
The objectives are
- to systemize the students' knowledge of grammar at intermediate level with the focus on context
- to deepen and develop the students' knowledge of grammar at intermediate level (the course is a follow-up of the preceding course, Grammar 1B, and deals with the parts of speech as listed in the Course contents)
- to develop the students' own knowledge and competence with the focus on the ability to use the language correctly
- to enhance the students' autonomy and independence which is important for their future professional life
- to lead the students towards realizing the specifics of the age group they are to teach in the future as well as the need and importance of their own expertise and accuracy
At the end of the course the students should be able to:
- use the particular features correctly and independently
- compare the particular features regarding their form and meaning
- create their own analogical examples
- identify frequent problems and errors that students make