This will be an interactive course which means you will be asked to discuss ideas, read articles on Moodlinka so you can participate actively, write in an on-line forum, and facilitate one class. We will examine theories and techniques for teaching English as a foreign language to learners with learning disabilities. Information, resources and examples of teaching methods will be provided in our weekly sessions as well as on Moodlinka.

Napište stručný a zajímavý odstavec, o čem pojednává tento kurz.

This course explores those areas of English pronunciation that Czech students of English find difficult. Our aim is native-like pronunciation. Authentic materials, mimicking and drill help Ss to reach this higher level of pronunciation. This course also focuses on Ss´ ability to transcribe heard and seen text, and on their ability to transfer our classroom materials to the primary school environment. Self-study is a crucial part of this course.

Jazykový kurz pro studenty kombinované formy studia učitelství pro 1. stupeň ZŠ je postavený na učebnici Inside Out Elementary a nabízí výukové materiály pro následující předměty:

  • ZS1BK_AF1A Fonetika a fonologie 1A - AJ
  • ZS1BK_AJ1A Jazyková cvičení 1A - AJ
  • ZS1BK_AVVA Výslovnostní cvičení - AJ